About Me


Who is The Gross Uncle?

My name is Grant Gilliland. I was born in Dayton, Ohio. I spent most of my time there skateboarding, playing bass in rock bands, and watching cartoons. Somehow, I got a portfolio of drawings together and enrolled in art school...and eventually got a BFA  in Illustration from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 2005. I've been freelancing and actively fighting an internet addiction ever since!


What's up with that name?

I created the name in 2006 as an "alter ego" that I could use to explore a grosser, stranger style of art than I was currently making. It became the name of a blog, where I would post in character as "The Gross Uncle"...and eventually I adopted it as my full-time alias. Is it fun to explain my email address to employees at the DMV or the internet company? Sometimes...Do I embrace the awkwardness? You bet!


Client List

Hasbro, CapriSun, Visa, JibJab, Vans, The Yellowstone National Park, SF Weekly, LA Weekly, Houston Press, Portland Phoenix, Cleveland Scene, DigBoston, Columbus Alive, Education.com, Weekly Reader, Punchcut, Frog Design, Unicorn Studios, ShadowMachine...and hopefully, YOU!

Send all inquiries to grossuncle@gmail.com