What’s Ye Thankful Fer?

On this memorial day of thanks, we here at Gross Uncle Industries would like to gather around the internet-shaped dinner table and share our mutual appreciation of:

Moist towelettes (unscented)

The cat across the street who recently lost it’s voice.

Stock photos of people on old-timey phones.

Most puddings.

Shoe horns…love ’em!

Herb’s Deli and Walkman Repair on 17th.

Various recurring dreams of eating our way out of a fudge-based building.

The smell of having a shirt that’s actually been washed.

Old rich ladies in distress.

The idea to invent peanut butter dispensing machines.

Unicycle comedy.

Eyebrow maintenance outlets.

Stress balls.

Dogs that carry booze.

Hyper-vigilant bag ladies.

and most importantly, headwear that has buckles…for protection.

What are you thankful for?