Rockabilly 2.0, where are you?

Hey Futuristic Rockabilly man, you’ve seen more of the world than I have! No fair…I made you!

Allow me to explain…

This here stylin’ world-traveler of a painting is acrylic on a 16×16 block of wood that I happily found (in my usual fashion) laying in a pile in the alley behind my SF apartment. He was sent to the UK as my part of an art trade with a very talented and well-known street artist out there who happens to be one of my favorites…but there were some alleged snail-mail-snags and various bureaucratic minutia that caused this fella to be inacessible to his rightful owner and therefore he ended up missing in action…and to this day I have no idea where he is! My hope is that he ended up in the hands of his rightful owner…That’s right, I’m talking to you! If this rings a bell and you know what I’m talking about, please let me know if this arrived!