Reed Gunther Pin-Up

I was recently introduced to the work of a Mr. Chris Houghton, an extremely talented and prolific illustrator based out of Detroit, Michigan. He illustrates (amongst many things) a comic book called Reed Gunther…which is about a cowboy who rides a bear…awesome! So naturally, when he was asking for artists to do their own personalized pin-up style spin on the main characters, I jumped at the opportunity. I had a bit of indecision when it came to nailing a final piece…kept getting dissatisfied with the compositions, but as they say (whoever “they” are), third time’s a charm!

Here’s the first one (which looks a lil’ strange because I drew it on some gessoed cardboard…this was also before I knew the size specs)…good ol’ stubby didn’t make the cut:

…and then this one started to take shape…which I really liked at first, but then got annoyed when I added the piddly lil’ cowboy man…didn’t even finish dude’s hands…that’s what ya get, tiny!

Then I got an idea for this one…and it went off without a hitch…here ya go, Chris!