Pet Portrait Time!

I would like to offer my creative services up to anyone who has a furry friend, pet, companion, best bud, etc and would like a portrait made of them. Here’s an example of some recent dog commissions:

Typically I create these portraits on wood panels that measure about 5×5 inches. This is not a fixed size requirement though…if you’d like something else, then just let me know. It won’t change the price unless it’s radically larger than 5×5.

I charge $80 for each portrait…and each is created with acrylic paint and ink. I typically have a one week turnaround for each piece.

Payment method can be either check or paypal…

If interested, email me and we can get the ball rolling! I can work off of just one picture, but feel free to include any that really showcase personality, fur patterns, size, etc…

Also, I don’t just do dog portraits…I would be open to any animal variety under the sun…here is an example of a cat portrait I recently did for a client. I would love to expand my animal portfolio to include birds, turtles, hamsters, you name it.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Have a great weekend.