Pepper Mill!

Behold, the Pepper Mill! This makes guitars go into overdrive…in a good way. This is a custom guitar pedal that I made with Trevor Morris. I painted the outside cover and came up with the design, and Trevor built the circuit that made it work! Here’s how it came into being: We start with the spray painted shells…which Trevor did and gave to me.

I sketched my idea in pencil…

I decided to add plenty of black near the holes where the control knobs would be, to make them pop…

…and then at the bottom would be a little “pepper mill”.

Then just added lots of extra little pepper bits!

I also wanted to add more of a tone behind the picture, and also to add more texture. So I painted a light grey tone over the dots now. Even though it covers some up slightly, the paint is transparent and you can see where they are if you want to bring them out again. This started to give it a whole new look.

So after a few layers of grey, and more speckling of dots (of different tones), it was time to add the words “volume” and “gain” to the pedal to really make it functional. Now with the knobs attached, the pedal was complete.

Then the pedal was handed back over to Trevor, who added many clear coats of acrylic enamel. He then mounted the hardware and assembled the “guts” to make it work!

Here’s a look at the bottom of the circuit board, which Trevor etched and soldered.

Now all you need to do is plug this into your favorite double necked guitar and go play the local “Battle of the Bands”, you are sure to get noticed! Go get ’em!