If I ever was a cat, could I ever do that?

This skateboardin’ cat hero is painted on a skate deck that I got thanks to my friend Trevor. He skated this thing until it was a battered mess, and I really liked the used look of it. The cat and his friends are engaging in some party activities but they are good guys…never hurt anybody besides themselves and the ramp. The only thing that matters to them is whether or not it’s raining and if the couch cushions have enough spare change lying around in them.

This deck is currently in the G40 Art Exhibit at Art Whino in Washington DC…they have a whole four story building that’s packed to the rafters with art. You can check out this video (not filmed by me) to see some of the work in the building…this guy filmed the walkthrough with his iphone, I believe. It’s really quite overwhelming to see the scope of the show they put on, so much respect for being able to pull it off. If you watch long enough, you can see my skate deck in the hallway for about a second. It’s around the 7:20 mark if you don’t have the patience to watch the whole video…but it’s much better if you do!