Feature/Interview on the Sharpie Blog

Well how do ya like that? Looks like all those years of accidentally inhaling Sharpie fumes finally paid off! To my surprise, and great fortune, I recently got in touch with Whitney Kelly, head of PR and Social Media at Sharpie. We connected via Twitter a few months ago and she later asked if I would be so kind to answer questions about my work and talk about how I use Sharpies on a regular basis. I responded with a resounding “Yes!”, which I later felt weird about because I screamed it out loud in response to an email…so after calming down and wiping the little spit dots off my computer screen, I figured it out, and here we are!

Whitney asked some really great questions, and I did my best to answer them in a way that made it sound like I was not having heart palpitations about the whole thing…in a good way. I hope you will find the interview informative and fun, check it out!