Daily Sketch 079

Hey, you guys seen my pink eye medication?

Daily Sketch 078

Watch out for those pesky internet worms…

Daily Sketch 077

Frank Norris, part-time guidance counselor and full-time cool dad. He got a sign made to make sure people know where the party is.

Daily Sketch 076

Decided to update my Twitter icon with today’s sketch… World Wide Web, I give you…Stubby Smallhans.

Daily Sketch 075

Dr. Marney’s Mustache Medium…brush a teaspoon-sized amount in three times a day for optimum poofiness. May irritate skin. If seeping wound occurs, consult your family Masseuse.

Daily Sketch 074

“Excuse me dog, are you a soldier of fortune? I have a gig I might need you for this weekend…we’ll have you fill out a 1099 after we get that knife cleaned up.”

Daily Sketch 073

Today’s sketch is pulling double duty…it is a daily, but it is also going to be part of the masthead design for Scott Hull’s Visual Ambassador site…the old image will be replaced by this “forward… Read more »

Daily Sketch 072

Found on Craigslist today: Chicken Trade for a Computer – $80 (san jose north)Reply to: trade-barter1091621436@craigslist.org Date: 2009-03-25, 3:35AM PDT Do you need a chicken instead of having a computer? Willing to make that dream… Read more »

Daily Sketch 071

Geoff and Dowd later co-authored a book about the fundamentals of “hanging loose”.

“Back in the Day” pieces @ Fabric8

Here are my three paintings for the “Back in the Day” art show @ Fabric8. They go a little something like this: Top left: “Star Watcher”Top right: “Absinthe”Bottom: “Breakdance Stance” Stop by in person to… Read more »

Daily Sketch 069

“Local Cult Leader Looking for Obedient Disciples.” I am a single male, age 32, looking to start a new direction as a cult leader. I recently quit my job as a computer tech in San… Read more »

Daily Sketch 068

I posted a Craigslist ad titled “Any Local Rascals for Hire?”, and these guys replied first…they have very sensible rates.

Daily Sketch 067

We held interviews for a cat today…none of them made the cut.

Daily Sketch 066

Rhino Sticker! This fine animal specimen was drawn on a sheet of 4×6 adhesive photo paper and will be mailed out as part of the World Record Postal Combo Project. Basically, the idea is to… Read more »

Daily Sketch 065

Inspired by San Francisco’s finest animal stack… Dog Cat Rat! Here’s a video as well.

Daily Sketch 063

You know, I’m starting to think that this rock candy might actually be glass.

Daily Sketch 062

Martin posing for his senior picture…he insisted on wearing that sweater.

Daily Sketch 059

Say what? No, I don’t want no thin mints cookies, step off scout. You got seven seconds before I spray ya eyeball with Lysol.

Daily Sketch 058

My cat saved up money from his summer job and bought these wireless headphones, and now he never comes when I call him…I wonder what he listens to?

Daily Sketch 057

Benny spends most of his free time buying old baseball card sets on eBay and browsing the Missed Connections on Craigslist…he also Googles himself every two days.

New Group Show @ Fabric8 /// March 21st

When the grandfather clock strikes March 21st, there will be a twelve-person group show called “Back in the Day” at the friendly neighborhood art-and-fun nook. Fabric8 is the particular nook I am making a reference… Read more »

Daily Sketch 056

“Snowman” Jeffries likes to believe he is the real reason for the season.

Daily Sketch 054

Polka-dot Pete was kinda neat, he made a living on the street, selling odd things and being a cheat, no sentence he spoke was ever complete.

Daily Sketch 052

This wine has great resonance…and it boasts a wild undertone of robust raspberry notes, with a stale, left-open can of Ocean Spray finish.

Daily Sketch 051

The gang returned on the 14th day… …It was just as the old wizened cat lady oracle had predicted.

Daily Sketch 050

(Secret Agent Talk) Psst… The blue cactus has spoiled the mattress… No more vegan chili for Straight Edge Billy… I once knew a man with two left hands, he was a loyalist to knock-off brands.

Daily Sketch 049

“Dear attractive police woman, Thanks for the care you seemed to show while fastening the handcuffs around my fragile wrists. It means a great deal to me, because as you are doubtlessly finding out from… Read more »

Daily Sketch 048

“If I wasn’t here talking to you, I’d most likely be working on the rough draft of my first book…It’s pretty genius but I don’t think it’s worth really explaining because it involves a lot… Read more »

Daily Sketch 047

Most of my life I have spent my time wondering how it is that I am not embraced by mainstream media hype…

Daily Sketch 046

I’ll go get the frisbee in a minute…I know where it went…it’s fine.

Daily Sketch 045

I always enjoy a bit of Brandy before I hit the sack… …and by “hit the sack” I mean “teach english class”…

Daily Sketch 044

A starry night like this reminds me that my problems are not really as important as I think they are…I mean, think about how small we are in the universe. Also, the way that planets… Read more »

Daily Sketch 043

Sir Randall Jemmings was last spotted riding Southbound on the 101 on his recumbent bicycle…he packed a few peanut butter sandwiches and some extra sandals in his Jansport backpack, and left in search of what… Read more »

Daily Sketch 042

Peace near and far, a fancy car, or a cigar?

Daily Sketch 041

My cat David Chapman and I enjoy having conversations about who is the most relevant straight-to-dvd movie director alive today.

Daily Sketch 040

Bask in the unrestricted glory of my impenetrable curly locks…and completely ignore the hairline.

Daily Sketch 039

A little Sunday surprise to the head…

Daily Sketch 037

Walter was very popular at parties…

Daily Sketch 036

Now that we’re off school grounds, I can let you in on a little secret…I sneak into the junior high building every night and pretend i’m the school janitor.

Two new small wood block drawings @ Fabric8

Last weekend was Fabric8’s 3 year store anniversary party, and I was asked to come in and draw with local art slingers Andy Stattmiller and Phoneticontrol…the three of us were also joined by some interesting… Read more »

Daily Sketch 034

Sloppy love musings from Tank the Lummox. “Dearest Gertie, I hope that the head trauma is healing nicely…if ever we meet again, I will bring my old Notre Dame style leather football helmet for you… Read more »

Daily Sketch 032

Steffan and Raul are making whispery and critical comments about you constantly…you can just tell.

Daily Sketch 029

He had a very well trained pet bee.

Daily Sketch 028

To our surprise, just as he predicted, the apple fell at seven thirty sharp… The smug look on his face said it all…

Daily Sketch 027

“Pssst…hey man, I buried the loot under the sidewalk in front of the daycare…take this jackhammer.”

Daily Sketch 025

“The more you talk to me, the less I listen…”

Daily Sketch 024

Okay, I need to be buff in 24 hrs…here we go.

Daily Sketch 023

Vampire-approved “Krusty Blood Puffz” cereal.

Daily Sketch 020

Droppin’ dogs like it’s going out of style!

Daily Sketch 016

And finally, he remembered the parachute.

Daily Sketch 015

Don’t give me that smug look, Gregory…

Daily Sketch 014

We call this look “rooster punk”…

Daily Sketch 013

Hungover sea captain poses for a quick portrait sketch in Sausalito, CA.

Daily Sketch 011

The sophisticated vampire is starting to build up an immunity to moderate sunlight…that’s why it seems like he’s at all the high-end gallery openings nowadays…maybe his taste for blood will eventually turn into a taste… Read more »

Daily Sketch 009

“The bandage is from playing frisbee golf, but don’t tell anyone I said that.”

Daily Sketch 008

I have no idea how my three pets have all stayed alive this long in each other’s company.

Daily Sketch 007

Pot painting cat with a Cognac hat…

Cyclist Character Designs

Although I sport no spandex or compete in races, I love riding my bicycle…it’s one of my favorite things to do in San Francisco. I do my best to get out as often as possible,… Read more »

Daily Sketch 006

Ey, stay in school youngster…if you do, you might be able to avoid gettin’ gutted by a warthog…but don’t hold me to that.

Daily Sketch 005

“Yea, I gotta go get my scooter out of the impound lot…but then after that i’d be happy to go shoe shopping with you.”

Daily Sketch 004

Ummm…I feel like someone bribed the judges for this guy to get first place in the dogshow.

Daily Sketch 003

Oh, lumpy featherhat…it’s alright.

Daily Sketch 002

The itchy faced water bandit strikes again.

Daily Sketch 001

Fellow CCAD grad and all-around crazy noodler Thom Glick invited me to be a part of the Sketch-a-Day Challenge…I will be posting daily for as long as my schedule allows, but be sure to check… Read more »

I wrap my neckerchief nice and tight…

Those that come in contact with me on the street say that I sound a little strained when I talk…I think that they are either in need of turning up the volume on their hearing… Read more »

No matter how you make it…

…we get the idea! Happy Holidays to all my fellow human beings, and all participating animals as well. Don’t forget to tell your loved ones how important they are, and also don’t forget that you… Read more »

Goth Flowers!

This smarmy little nature lover will be present at the holiday-tailored show “Little Wonders” @Fabric8 this weekend…he is painted on a little 4×4 canvas. Perfect for hanging around your garden, he will successfully scare away… Read more »

“The More the Merrier” @ Super7…

Do you ever find yourself enjoying art? Well then, what about shows? I see, I see…suppose we put the two together and then ask, what about art shows? It seems to me, that you just… Read more »

Little Wonders @ Fabric8

Behold the finest array of affordable art that this Bay-based city can offer! Little Wonders includes a healthy roster of great local SF artists and even a few non-local art suprah-starz from around the country…. Read more »

Thumbs up for Pup

This lil’ fella here is my hero…no, really… He’s saved my life at least a dozen times, and the best part is, he doesn’t even ask for anything in return. I think that the main… Read more »

Scruffy Crew…and friends

Here is a preview of one of the many black and white pieces that will be featured in the upcoming show “Realistic Realities” that I am doing with Andy Stattmiller. This drawing, like many others… Read more »

Polite Garden Trespasser

Hey, I don’t have much time to explain myself…but I can’t help but notice all the wonderful floral arrangements in your front yard…yea, I picked this one from your garden, but i’ll put it back… Read more »

The Cosmic Sailor

You know, i’ve been all around this great galaxy…i’ve seen things that have completely confirmed and even exceeded my expectations of what the cosmos is like…but I think for now, i’m just going to hang… Read more »

Realistic Realities

“Realistic Realities”Artwork by Andy Stattmiller and Grant GillilandMusic by Trevor Morris of Lair Dander11.20.20087pm-12amA Bon Port Wine Bar & Creperie476 CastroSan Francisco, CA 94114 What kind of “reality tunnel” do you look at life through?… Read more »

A few sticky white guys…

I have been doing some sticker tradery lately on the interconnectedweb…Here are a few of the designs that I have made in the recent times. They are hand-drawn on Strathmore photo adhesive paper and then… Read more »

Two wooden panels full of much doodlin’…

This past weekend I participated in charity event held by GoGoGracie Galleries at the ARARA clothing boutique…where I did some live and direct pen fiddlin’ for the masses. The place was full of interesting art… Read more »

Bronson Johnson, the chiaroscuro charmer…

I was recently asked to be a part of a show called Soft and Furry, which is a three-dee customs show put together by the major-time design studio Cypher13 in Colorado. I recommend checking out… Read more »

Taking it to the next dimension!

Toy lovers and art lovers alike will awkwardly-somersault for joy when they attend this collaborative art show held by art-boutique favorites Fabric8 and Neon Monster…Each artist participating in the show will be showcasing a two-dimensional… Read more »

I’ll be in the bushes later if you need me…

Did this 8x8in painting for last month’s Landmark Show at Fabric8…I picked Dolores Park for my landmark theme, mostly because it’s my favorite SF spot to sit around and accumulate a serious sunburn while watching… Read more »

Live art @ Fabric8 7.26.2008

Fabric8 hosted it’s Mission Vinyl event last Saturday, which is a fresh combo of live DJ-action in the front of the store and live painting-action in the back patio…and some tasty BBQ action to boot!… Read more »

Touch Base with Gregg Sween!

Thanks to Owen Morris for animating our artwork for this promo! July 11th7-11pmFivepoints Arthouse50 A Bannam PlaceSan Francisco, CA94133 Pat does the voice for Gregg Sween and I do the guests and the announcer…Hurrah! See… Read more »

I’m the uncle, he’s the agent…

I am extremely honored to be a part of the stellar artist roster over at Scott Hull Associates! With Scott and crew, I have high hopes to extend my irregular services to the whole-wyrlde! That’s… Read more »