Sody Pup!

This sugary lump dog goes out to Chelsea in Pittsburgh, PA…thanks Chelsea! For more info on my $20 drawings, visit this blog post: Send all drawing requests to

PixArt blog feature!

I am very honored to be featured on the Pixar blog PixArt this month! Big thanks to Jerrod Maruyama for reaching out and giving me the opportunity to give my own spin on some Monsters,… Read more »

Vengeful Ape (for John)

This shaky-fisted ape goes out to John in Mississippi, thanks John! Want to get an original sharpied-up $20 drawing of your own? Then send a request to and I’ll make you one!

That Guy

OMG, don’t look now…but that guy is still there.

My Favorite Things!

“Coffee ‘n Mixtapes”, acrylic on panel, 12in. x 6in. This painting was made for the show “My Favorite Things” at the Fabric8 Gallery.

Poofy Wedge-Head and Nub Tail

Here are two of my latest $20 drawings…both went to two Kentuckians…the first one goes out to Mr. Flint Bone, and the second goes out to my CCAD-alum friend Eric. Speaking of Kentucky, I’ll bet… Read more »

A Hearty Slice of Humble Pie

So you read the Sharpie interview, now let’s see what happens when I am interviewed without the time to prepare answers…in real time! Well, sort of. Yes, folks I’m talking about the tried-and-true video interview…and… Read more »

Feature/Interview on the Sharpie Blog

Well how do ya like that? Looks like all those years of accidentally inhaling Sharpie fumes finally paid off! To my surprise, and great fortune, I recently got in touch with Whitney Kelly, head of… Read more »

Jasper Stymie

Ten year old Jasper Stymie was last seen around 10pm on Thanksgiving day in 2009, before he reportedly hitchhiked his way out West to flee his hometown of Kremlin, Oklahoma. Many locals that knew the… Read more »

Awkward Party 2010!

Hello Ralph! Hello Bjorn! Hello Milosh! Hello Norris! Hello Tonkis! Hello Abner! Hello New Year!

Puss N’ Boots

I created this version of Puss in Boots for my friend Chris from SF Station…it’s going to be used as a design for a tattoo.

Shanky Schoolboy (for Jordan)

This lil’ playground trouble maker of a $20 drawing goes out to Jordan in South Africa…thanks Jordan! Wanna get a sharp-looking $20 drawing served right to your door? Email me at and we’ll make… Read more »

Lil’ Tiger (for Michelle)

This lovable google eyed feline goes out to Michelle in New York…thanks Michelle! Want to get a lil’ lovable $20 drawing for yourself? Email me at and we’ll make it happen!

Excelsior! (for Joseph)

This scabby cauldron dabbler goes out to Joseph in New York…thanks Joseph! Looking to have an original $20 drawing for yourself? Email me at and I’ll fix one up for you.

Unidogger (for Ross)

This free-wheelin’ bean dog goes out to Ross in London…thanks Ross! Wanna get your own personalized drawing? Email me at and I’ll make you one!

Ski Masker (for Tam)

This itchy-faced bird-lover goes out to Tam ( in Canada…thanks Tam! Ever find yourself wanting an original drawing? Yeah? Email me at and I’ll make you one!

Texty Biz Man (for Karl)

This multi-tasker bizzynessman of a $20 drawing goes out to Mr. Karl in Australia…thanks Karl! Why not get your own original drawing this instant? Email me at and I’ll make you one!

Kitten N’ A Biscuit (for Andrew)

This $20 drawing goes out to Andrew in the UK…thanks Andrew! Wanna get yourself a fancy original drawing? Email me at and I’ll make you one!

My Drinkin’ Helmet (for Amy)

This drinky-cap wearin’ $20 drawing goes out to Amy in Torrance, CA…thanks Amy! Get your hands on an original drawing of your very own! Email me at and I’ll make you one!

The Dunce Cap Diaries

Gerrald’s book sold millions…despite the doubts of many.

JR Scooterman

I made this painting of a happy scooter-gent for my Dad’s birthday…Happy Birthday Dad!

Baby Gang (for Noel)

This roundy-duo of a $20 drawing goes out to Noel in New Jersey…thanks Noel! Wanna get your hands on a personalized, original drawing? Email me at and I’ll make you one!

String Bean Spacey (for Eric)

This brand, shiny-new $20 dollar drawing goes out to Mr. Eric Blair in Florida…thanks Eric! Wanna acquire a glossy-new original drawing of your own? Email me at and I’ll make you one!

Houston Press “Best Of” Issue

Last month I made a few illustrations for the Houston Press “Best Of” issue…now that the issue is printed, I can finally post them! There were a number of interesting topics to choose from, but… Read more »

Soccer Ball Donk (for Mark)

Ooof mah dome! This star player goes out to another star player named Mark in Indianapolis…thanks Mark! Want me to serve you a fine original of your own? Email me at and I’ll make… Read more »

Turtle Ride (for Jess)

Thanks to Jess from San Francisco, CA! This $20 drawing is based on a real-life incident that I once witnessed…it didn’t end well, by the way. Fancy a drawing of your own? Email me at… Read more »

Interviewer (for Dylan)

This $20 drawing is a depiction of a savvy host and it goes out to my friend Dylan in South Africa…thanks Dylan! Wanna get an original drawing of your own? Email me at and… Read more »

Sassy ‘Quatch

Jammin steamheaded yeti (smallfoot variety) in the forest! Colored sketch in Photoshop.

$20 Drawings – featured on CreepMachine

Today, a big Gross Uncle-style thanks goes out to Mr. Josh from Creep Machine…who posted an entry saying some very nice things about my $20 drawings…thanks for getting the word out, Josh! I mailed the… Read more »

Creepster 2.0 (for Josh)

Today’s $20 drawing goes out to Josh from Creep Machine…which is a great webzine/blog dedicated to alternative, underground, outsider, lowbrow or pop surrealism art. Check it out! Thanks Josh! Wanna get your hands on an… Read more »

Scruff Bunny (for Dave)

This pear-shaped and boot-clad bunny drawing goes out to my friend Dave in New York…thanks Dave! Want a personal drawing for yourself? Email me at and I’ll make you one!

Capt N’ Stink (for Kevin)

Here we have a $20 dollar drawing that I sent out last week…I got word that the drawing arrived safe and sound, so I am posting it today! If you do order a drawing from… Read more »

Bean Cat (for Greg)

Here we have another $20 dollar drawing that I sent out last week… This drawing belongs to a friend from Ohio named Greg…or Gregory…either way…check it out! Email me at for your very own!

Ted Flowers and The Fresh Gear Kid…

Hey fellow blog-rollers, Here are some pieces I drew over the Labor Day weekend… Here we have plant enthusiast and hermit Ted Flowers waiting for the postman to bring his botany suppies: …and here is… Read more »

Boston Phoenix – Facebook Types

The folks over at the Boston Phoenix asked me to do some illustrations to accompany an article about stereotypical users of Facebook…the written descriptions are very accurate and should remind you of at least one… Read more »

$20 Dollar Drawing – Plug It In!

So this week’s first $20 Dollar Drawing has made it to it’s rightful owner! Yes, this very Lord of the Rings-esque rocker was sent out the same day I posted the initial entry…so needless to… Read more »

$20 drawings!

You know, most folks don’t regularly buy original artwork from a gallery at the drop of a hat/tiara…especially when doing so means the family dog has to take up nights at the local supermarket just… Read more »

Weekly Dig Cover – 8/19/09

The folks at Boston’s Weekly Dig got a hold of me for their cover this week! Pick it up if you live in the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville area! I was out for a walk yesterday and saw… Read more »

Reed Gunther Pin-Up

I was recently introduced to the work of a Mr. Chris Houghton, an extremely talented and prolific illustrator based out of Detroit, Michigan. He illustrates (amongst many things) a comic book called Reed Gunther…which is… Read more »

Ford Cars

In early 2009, I was contacted by an SF design agency by the name of Thinc. They were looking for an illustrator to do a few sketches of new and classic Ford vehicles for a… Read more »

Red Pager

Red pencil sketches!

Rockabilly 2.0, where are you?

Hey Futuristic Rockabilly man, you’ve seen more of the world than I have! No fair…I made you! Allow me to explain… This here stylin’ world-traveler of a painting is acrylic on a 16×16 block of… Read more »

Domesticates @ Fabric8

Here are some pics from my recent pet/pet owner themed solo show titled “Domesticates” at Fabric8…the show will be hanging until July 18th! Be sure to click each photo for a bigger view.

Daily Sketch 136

Geffrey doing his “I told you so” pose.

Daily Sketch 134

I often really don’t know what i’m running from…

Daily Sketch 132

Hold that thought, I think I hear my broker calling…

Vans “Off The Wall”: Stories of Sole

It arrived today!!! I have a pair of my hand-painted custom Vans in this book! Big thanks to Nikki Scoggins, the writer behind the Vans blog who asked me to participate in this. I can… Read more »

Daily Sketch 128

Hey, whatcha guys talkin’ about up there?

Daily Sketch 126

You should see me when I bust out that switch-stance 180 underhand-pup-grab smith grind!

Daily Sketch 125

He always gets this way in the morning!

Daily Sketch 124

My daydreaming skills are well developed!

Daily Sketch 123

Hold on Mike, gotta take Squirt to the vet for a little euter-nay appointment…ssshh!

Daily Sketch 122

He displays the type of behavior that’s typical with this particular breed…

Daily Sketch 121

Been a busy day so far! Sorry, we can’t really stop to talk!

Daily Sketch 120

Lookin’ fer those pesky pokey plants…seen any?

Daily Sketch 119

B-Day Time! Today is my 26th! The best yet!

Daily Sketch 117

Uncle Mort preparing to give one of his signature embarrassing speeches at another family wedding.

Daily Sketch 116

Wassa Mattah Charlie? Need some more ketchup?

Daily Sketch 115

Gabriel giving nearby test cheaters the stink eye.

Daily Sketch 114

Hold on! I’m trying to nail this solo before I go to work.

Daily Sketch 111

Ragtime Pups! PS-it’s drawing number 111, make a wish today! I know I did.

Daily Sketch 108

Local slam poet stops briefly to refuel on espresso and smell the flowers.

Daily Sketch 107

Freelance Mechanic…have wrench, will travel.

Daily Sketch 105

Wait Jeremy! That’s not the piggy bank!

Daily Sketch 103

Glamour Shotz © at the Fairfield Mall…allegedly, the mother was too embarrassed to be in the photo.

Daily Sketch 102

Man, if only I could find someone strong enough to open this!

Daily Sketch 100

Mom’s crampin’ my style! PS…Oh yeah! 100th sketch! Pop the bubbly, it’s time to get down like we don’t have curfews!

Daily Sketch 099

He makes a darn good soy latte, if you don’t mind picking out all the stray hairs that end up in it.

Daily Sketch 098

Oh boy, don’t look now, but here comes Pam…

Daily Sketch 097

I thought about it, and you know what? I don’t feel like the tattoo will affect my tee ball coaching career too much one way or the other.

Daily Sketch 096

“I began my career as an architect, but now I specialize in ergonomic water wing design.”

Daily Sketch 095

Walter, please remember when you come for the next session that a sweaty bathrobe is not appropriate sparring gear.

Daily Sketch 094

Inspired by my favorite SF Vegan Ice-Creamery, Maggie Mudd.

Daily Sketch 093

I saved an old standard-style white paper coffee cup from the friendly neighborhood Muddy’s Coffee Shop in hopes that I would do something creative with it besides put pencil shavings in it…I have to admit… Read more »

Daily Sketch 092

More brush pen action! Amorphous dude faces from nearby and off-planet places. Just wanted to let all you know that I have archived some of the “best of” in categories such as 3D, black and… Read more »

Daily Sketch 091

Prickly Sneaker Pups, Eye Blorts, and Floaty Foots are just a few of the many fun things that can be drawn using a brush pen.

Daily Sketch 090

Happy Easter! I present to you, a medley of bunnies.

Daily Sketch 088

Fifteen minutes before going onstage at the Oakwood High School Battle of the Bands event, 1996.

Daily Sketch 087

Craig was a “hella” good composer!

Daily Sketch 086

Today I decided that my daily sketch should be the new header image for my custom shoe blog…Hand Painted Customs! …it’s a much easier place to check out shoes i’ve painted (although there are not… Read more »

Daily Sketch 084

A very moving scene from “Bodyslam: The Musical”

Daily Sketch 082

This one is a nod to my friend Thom Glick…who has been doing some vampire characters with his dailies recently and inspired today’s sketch.


Playing with a new idea I had for an upcoming show…I have always wanted to make spoke cards for bike wheels, and last night I finally decided to give it a go! Here are a… Read more »

Body Movin’ /// Space Gallery /// April 3rd

Body Movin’Space Gallery1141 Polk StreetSF, CA941097pm-Late Disciples of Style & Derty Keven productions presents Body Movin’…an intense combo of fine art, live art, body art, and live music…this will be taking place at the Space… Read more »