Body Movin’ /// Space Gallery /// April 3rd

Body Movin’
Space Gallery
1141 Polk Street

Disciples of Style & Derty Keven productions presents Body Movin’…an intense combo of fine art, live art, body art, and live music…this will be taking place at the Space Gallery in San Francisco, and I am happy to be a part of this wild show.

Stop by, and don’t forget to come early, because Space Gallery gets crowded! If you don’t mind also, please buy every piece of art on the wall…just slap down your plastic on the table and say “I’ll have the lot…”, and then proceed to get seriously down to some mash-ups.

I went down to the ol’ Space Gal (yeah, we’re on abbrev terms) on Monday to hang my work…here is the arrangement that i’ll be standing around that night:

See you there!