“Bestiarum Vocabulum: The Book of the Beasts”

Art show time!

I have teamed up with fellow Renaissance man Rick Kitagawa for this upcoming collaborative monster-based show at Big Umbrella Studios! Check it out on Friday March 4th! The show will feature many monsters, food carts, and live t-shirt screen printing by Rick and I.


Join us for the “Bestiarum Vocabulum” art opening featuring the work of painters/illustrators Grant Gilliland and Rick Kitagawa.

From the elusive cyclops to the dangerous succubus, from trolls to water spirits, we often think of mythological beasts as simply mythological. Grant Gilliland and Rick Kitagawa beg to differ. Let this pair of monster hunters bring these creatures to life in a series of all new paintings featuring a stable of unearthly beasts and “mythological” creatures from around the world that are just waiting to follow you home.

“Bestiarum Vocabulum”
featuring Grant Gilliland and Rick Kitagawa
w/works by the Big Umbrella Studio collective

Friday, March 4, 2011

*Collaborative Grant n’ Rick t-shirt design printed live*
*food carts*