A Hearty Slice of Humble Pie

So you read the Sharpie interview, now let’s see what happens when I am interviewed without the time to prepare answers…in real time! Well, sort of. Yes, folks I’m talking about the tried-and-true video interview…and I had a chance to stick my big nose in front of the camera and get all philosophical up in there.

So please check out this interview with my friend Mig Reyes, the super designer-hero (also a past Sharpie-Blog interviewee!) and the brains behind the website Humble Pied. This is a really fun and inspirational site that features different creatives sharing one piece of advice over iChat. There are some very influential folks on Humble Pied that Mig has interviewed…it almost makes me wonder why my lanky, rambly self was even asked to share the stage with them! But hey, it’s great to be part of such good company, and I am very inspired by Mig and all his friends.

So please watch, wonder, squint your eyes in an inquisitive way, and if you feel motivated…leave a comment!